​Does destiny exist

​You are in the front of a lottery cage that contains ten balls marked from one to ten. You memorize the locations of each ball and then give the cage one spin. Each ball makes several movements and ends up in a new location. These new locations are not an accident. The resultant of all forces on each ball from the inner surface of the cage and the other balls creates a chain of movements that caused the ball to move to a precise location and position. If you could place each ball in its exact original location and position, turn the cage at the same speed and under the same conditions, the new position of each ball would be the same. It would be virtually impossible to place each ball back in the exact same location and turn the cage with the same conditions; moreover, even if we could repeat all the same conditions, we would also have to maintain additional factors, such as air circulation, temperature, air density, and any other factor that may have affected the original movement of the balls. It’s possible that one day we will create a computer program or other device to predict the winning numbers if we could supply it with all information and conditions.
Indeed, the whole universe is like a giant lottery cage, and each atom is like a ball in the universe. The properties of each atom and the existence of the laws of nature determine every single movement of each atom. Focusing on the chart of element leads us to the basis of nature regulatory.  Now, how to find the answer to; does destiny exist?
The location and position of each atom in the universe at this very moment is not an accident, but is related to previous locations of that particular atom and its connections with other atoms. At this moment, as I’m writing this book, the temperature in my backyard is sixty-one degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature at this moment and very location is no accident, but the result of the atmospheric conditions and other related factors from a second ago, an hour ago, yesterday, a month ago, last year, and million years ago. The temperature at this time tomorrow at this location will not be an accident but a determined degree resulting from today’s related factors. The same goes for the next day, week, year, and another million years into the future. It’s not irrational to believe that man will someday be able to predict and forecast the weather weeks or even months in advance. Storms, floods, tornadoes, hail, and earthquakes would be predicted more accurately than today.
​How about human future, are human motions predictable? Does destiny exist? Read more